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Building a Business Identity is Tough When You've got 16 Personalities

Building a Business Identity is Tough When You've got 16 Personalities

Starting a business is tough. When I started my e-commerce business I bought a course that would teach me how to build a profitable online empire. I would learn the skills to scale a million dollar business just like the teacher, who did just that, out of his parent's basement. YEAH RIGHT! Fast forward and I am still finding my way. Building a business requires many hats. I found that although that it is a great skill to have when you are the CEO, Cashier, Web Developer, IT, Advertising Agent, Customer Service Rep, Creative Director, Model, POS Technician, etc., it is not such a great thing to wear a million hats when finding the identity of your business. 

A little history...I am a person with lots of worldly experience and have had the privilege to live out of backpacks for a huge portion of the past two decades. With that experience comes fresh eyes and new ideas. Needless to say I shed many old ideas of who I thought I was as a person. I was able to see multiple perspectives in life from the mundane to profane. My mind and interests have changed many times and all of those versions still live inside this body. During the pandemic I had to switch gears as my traveling life was over.

What was I to do at 41, not exactly in the basement, but back in my parents house? Who was I now? Was I the vain goth brooding within the underbelly of the city or a yogini healer talking to plants on an organic permaculture farm, the lonely traveler on an empty coast or the idiot explorer finding shamans in the vast wild jungle, the adult buying roller skates feeling like a child again? Who am I in the suburbs of Los Angeles with my Baby Boomer parents? HA! "We're" still the same! "We're" still here. So, we started an e-commerce business selling COOL printed yoga, roller skate, lounge, going out, casting spells, walking dogs, eating chips, watching soaps, running and doing whatever you want athleisure pants and shorts!

With that in mind, it has been a quest to find my niche within such a broad world. Now my traveling is within the digital landscape visiting algorithms, billions of chips, programs, and wires which are just eager to squirm into "targeting" my "market". Sometimes I feel too human in all of this. And as it appears, my target market is everybody, because everybody is in me. My target market is me, but it appears that I am just the lonely traveler traversing along the byway of the world wide web looking to find my everyone. I want to find the "everyone" who is free to express themselves, the "everyone" who thinks for themselves, the "everyone" who isn't afraid to explore the silly, the macabre, the adorable, the powerful, the irresistible, the wild, the chill, and the dynamic within themselves . So, if you are an "everyone", come check out my shop and see me on IG: @StillWildAthleisure. I'd love to serve you and meet you! All are welcome, aliens too!